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Our speakers/presenters have been recruited from all areas of dentistry. You will learn from professionals with decades of experience, vast educational accomplishments, philanthropists, dentistry experts, servant leaders, and innovators.

Dr. Tony Daher

Dr. Jose Luis Ruiz
Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Matthew Chesler

Dr. Cyrus Tahmasebi
Crown and Bridge

Dr. Samuel Lee

Dr. Aidee Nieto-Herman

Dr. Dennis Smiler

Dr. Joel Henriod

Dr. Francisco Ramos – Gomez
Pedriatic Dentistry

Dr. Jin Song 

Dr. Sal Manrriquez
Orofacial – Professor at USC

Dr. Bertha Alarcon
Associate Professor, Western University

Larry Oxenham
Lawsuits and Taxes

Norman Dotch
Financial and Investments

Dr. Luis Carbajal-Bello
Oral Surgery/CBCT

Dr. Steven Hou
Treatment and Billing of Sleep Apnea, Bruxism and TMD

Dr. Viet-Nghiem
Treatment and Billing of Sleep Apnea, Bruxism and TMD

Dr. Alex Nguyen
Medical Billing in Dentistry

Dr. Jose Lara
Medical Billing in Dentistry

Dr. Kamal Al-Eryani

Dr. Jorge Triana Estrada
Dean, School of Dentistry, De LaSalle University

Dr. Tarun Mundluru (Oral Surgery)

Dr. Mariela Padilla
Professor at USC

José Mejía Zepeda, DDS

Dr. Guy Levy 
Bone Graft

Sam Thakkar
Perfect Tax and Finance

Dr. Yaron Gabel Krumholz
DENTCA Clinical Advisor


Dra. Blanca Bañuelos Díaz
Endodoncia (Spanish)

Diana Estefanía Molina
Odontologia Infantil (Spanish)

Marcela Delgado
Endodoncia (Spanish)

Dr. Briseida Esparza

Dra. Mayela Nocker Franco
Ortodoncia (Spanish)